Art and Illustration for Graphic Design

Graphic arts and illustrations are often seen as identical to graphic design, but very different. Designers create works to communicate and solve problems, while graphic designers and illustrators create original works. Their art takes many forms, from art to decoration and story illustrations. Graphic arts and illustrations are not technically a type of graphic design, but many commercial graphics and illustrations have been created concerning graphic design and are no different from other graphics. Graphic designer in Gurgaon.

Graphic designers work with all types of writers, publishers, managers, marketers and art directors in graphic design to create works by combining media and technology. As a rule, it is based on art, animation and architecture. If technology and application overlap, you will find a graphic designer, a graphic designer and an illustrator. Graphic Design Company in Gurgaon.


T-Shirt :

T-shirt design is a prevalent chain for creative people. Whether you are an illustrator, graphic designer or printer, the idea of putting your design on a t-shirt is particularly attractive. Mainly because you can sell your creations online. But this process can be complicated. Here are some helpful tips for designing and printing your custom t-shirt graphics. Sketch, walk, change, eat something, go through a complete brainstorming process. Then let's try again. Soon But in some cases, consider other creative options.


Motion :

In short, animated graphics are animated graphics. Motion Design includes animation, audio, typography, images, video and other effects used in online media, television and movies. Media penetration has skyrocketed in recent years as technology advances, and video content becomes more widespread.

"Motion Graphic Designer" is a new profession for designers. Although officially used for television and film, technological advances have reduced production time and costs, and the price of art has become cheaper. Dynamic graphics can be found on all digital platforms today, creating a variety of new areas and opportunities. Dynamic graphic designers first develop storyboards and then implement this concept through animation, video and traditional art. In some industries, strong knowledge of marketing, coding and 3D modelling can be apparent assets.


Website :

On the Website, all essential elements (works, artists' declarations, CVs, contact forms) must not be cluttered. Intuitive and easy to navigate The layout should make sense of the content. Designers can handle much more complex tasks than models. Additionally, illustrations tend to be used in web and mobile design. They can be found almost everywhere. Let's take real examples like static pages, Airtable and MailChimp. The graphic on this site is very traditional. Each has a basic structure with a neat design and a regular arrangement of blocks. The latter is a simple post type page with a simple layout.


Book Cover :

Publications are a long way to communicate with your audience through public distribution. Traditional print media. Think of books, newspapers, magazines and catalogues. But in recent years, digital publishing has increased considerably. Graphic designers who specialize in publishing work with publishers and publishers to create layouts from illustrations provided with organized designs, including photos, graphics, and illustrations. Version designers can work internally as members of freelancers, advertising agencies, or publishing companies.


Technical Illustration :

Technical illustrations are illustrations that convey technical information. Technical drawings are part of technical drawings or diagrams. Technical illustrations are often aimed at "creating expressive images that can effectively convey specific information to human observers through visual channels". The technical specification should generally explain and explain the subject to a non-technical person. Therefore, the visual image must be precise in terms of size and proportion, and "give public attention and understanding by giving an overall impression of the subject".


Concept Art :

A Concept Art is a visual expression in which form is more important than a subject, for example, an image, a painting, a photograph or another work of art. Since the goal is to describe, explain or correct the text (story, poem, newspaper article), the content must match the content of the relevant words. Instead, concept art is a specific form of illustration, the primary purpose of which is to make a product, graphics, animation or comic strip before creating the finished product.

In short, when the concept art is invented, and the idea is drawn, the illustration materializes it and puts it in the appropriate copy. Therefore, the final product is only an explanation and is displayed directly to the public. Logo designer in Gurgaon.