Brochures & Catalogues

Brochures & Catalogues are comparatively a better marketing channel or medium. The product which requires promotion can be described in detail in a brochure or in a catalogue itself. In this era of internet obsession, there are still many people who refrain themselves from using the internet, here is where both brochures & catalogues come in as a handy medium.Brochures & Catalogues are more personal way of marketing. Product brochure and catalogue designing also is an art which requires a very careful variation, so that the message conveyed is both useful and relatable.

Trifold Brochures :

When designing a brochure, space is quite an issue to fit in all the required information. A trifold brochure provides a lot more space that is crucial enough to adjust all the required information about a product. Generally a Trifold brochure utilises both sized of an A4 paper. So if your product is a new one, trifold brochure is the way ahead for you.

Half Fold Brochures :

Single Fold Brochure or Bi-fold Brochure, also known as a Half fold Brochure is based out on 4 pages. It consists of two-sided, two-equal sized panels. The best part about this kind of brochure is that this layout is not interrupted by fold creases. The type of the fold used should always be relevant to the amount of information you want to put up.

HZ-Fold Brochure :

A different and an unconventional kind of a brochure which consists of three panels. A Z-fold brochure mostly looks like a fan because of its multiple panels. The Z-fold brochure is also known as a zig zag fold or a fan fold brochure. Another unique aspect of Z-fold Brochure is that every folding side has the same size to it.

Gate Fold :

Brochures and their usage have been varied from product to product. One such popular kind of brochure is a gate-fold brochure which showcases large inside image which has information on the panels. A gate fold brochure generally has three panels and is spread across six pages.

Frech Fold :

Marketers or sellers who are in favour of mailing single-page design brochures to clients generally opt for this. French Fold Brochures are also known as right angle half fold made by folding a flat sheet in half horizontally, then folding it in half again vertically. This kind of brochure has 4 sections with equal distribution of dimensions.

Accordion Fold :

Without any doubt, brochures are the most sophisticated way to display a company’s products and services. The most crucial part of Accordion-Fold Brochure is to select a folding option that fits design. Accordian Fold Brochures are a 8-panel fold brochures with a lot of space to fit in a lot of information.

Double Parallel Fold :

The other name of double parallel fold brochure is Parallel Centre Fold brochure. The double parallel fold brochure is mostly ideal for designs that are formed and filled in a certain structure. Since it has 8 equal sized pages, it provides ample space for information to be mentioned.