Posters often prove to be a cheaper source of option when compared with advertising on radio or television. Posters are a very highly recommended visual medium to establish a relationship with the audience or the consumers of the product. Promotional posters or endorsements posters can be used to grab the attention of the viewers very easily.

Advertising Posters :

These kind of posters are generally made of visual designs, images, colours and copy. These posters are created to promote brand awareness.

Special Effect Posters :

These kind of posters are widely being used across the entertainment industry today. Special effect posters are visually more advanced and are pretty handy when it comes to product marketing.

Comic Book Posters :

Comics always have been a highly accessible form of visual data which are well equipped to convey a message in a prominent manner.

Educational Posters :

These are some unique kind of posters which are applicable to al kinds of age groups and are mostly used to provide education to the masses.

Travel posters :

These are mostly industry based posters. These kind of posters are used to endorse various kinds of travel destinations, hotels, railroads and various airlines.

Movie Posters :

Posters which endorse movies have been a very successful idea for a long time now. Movie Posters have evolved with time and have gone the digital way to add visual superiority to the film endorsements.

Corporate Posters :

Mostly used for corporate events, corporate posters are used for the marketing and endorsing the motive and purpose of corporate events that majorly include bureaucrats .

Digital Posters :

A new dimension to the poster creation technique. These posters basically involve a very attractive way of incorporating text, image, animation, video and even audio snippets.

Fashion posters :

An integral part of the fashion business, Fashion posters are created / curated to endorse new fashion shows and contain information about latest trends / advancements of the fashion industry.

Infomercial Posters :

These kind of posters have a very lengthy description to their product marketing / selling strategy as they try to appeal to the viewpoints of their target audience.


Pull-up banner :

It can set up in a matter of seconds and are at a height of 2 metres offering widths according to the need.

Fabric Banners :

These kind of banners are considered for ideal for all kinds of indoor events like trade shows, in-store displays and many more.

Vinyl Banners :

The most popular kind of banners. Vinyl Banners are also multi sign which can be found everywhere almost from chain grocery stores to car.

Social Media Banner :

These basically revolve around the images at the top of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. These kind off banners catch the eye of audience very quickly.

Poly Vinyl Banner :

This kind of banner is a lightweight fabric banner which has become a popular medium of marketing and promotion over the years.

Animated GIF :

A graphically coded format of an image with more than one frame that convey a story or a happening. This is a very popular method of conveying message.

Display Banner :

Online paid advertisement which are digitally designed to promote / advertise a product in an efficient manner.

Stand Banners :

The greatest advantage of these kinds of banners are that they can be easily carried and transported from one place to another. These are ideal for trade shows.

Roller Banner :

Better known as Roll up Banner, these are a great addition to shops or place of business and are very important to stand out in the market.

Exhibition Banner Stand :

These kind of Banners are digitally printed and provide a complete solution to the companies for their exhibiting needs.